Important Notification! - NDBF Securities Citizenship Verification Process Update

Effective December 2018, a new portal will be available for Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers to submit information for the citizenship verification process.  Information about the new portal can be found here.

Commercial Banking Forms

Branch Purchase and Assumption, Cross Industry Acquisitions, Mergers, Phantom Bank Charter/Mergers

 Interagency Merger Form
 Supplement to Interagency Bank Merger Act Application


New Branch, Branch Relocation and LPO Forms

Establish, Relocate or Discontinue a Loan Production Office
Branch application may also require the following:
Department Supplement to the Uniform Branch Application
National Historic Preservation Act Form and Instructions

Trust Department

FDIC Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers
Supplement to FDIC Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers (NDBF form
In-State BTO/RTO Application and/or Notice
Out-of-state BTO/RTO Application and/or Notice

Licenses and Approval

Application for Approval of Director
Financial Institution Directors: Duties & Responsibilities
Executive Officer's FAQ (read prior to completing EOL forms)
Executive Officer's License Application (Comprehensive) 
Executive Officer's License Application for Transfer
Mortgage Loan Originator
United States Citizenship Attestation Form
Personal Financial Statement
Guidelines for Financial Institution Officer Licensing Exemption
Election of Executive Officer License Exemption Form
Guidelines for Revocation of Financial Institution Officer Licensing Exemption
Revocation of Election of Executive Officer License Exemption

Other Banking Forms

Application for Permission to Invest in Excess Funds or Investment Pools
Approval to Conduct Audit or Directors' Exam
Attestation of Audit Standards (sample)
Bank Holding Company Registration
Application to Decrease Capital Stock
Notification of Capital Stock Increase
Garnishment Summons Locations
Statement of Intention to Make Personal Loans
Switch Notices Form
Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
Tips for Preparing a SAR Report
Community Development Investment CDI Forms