NDBF Staff

Office Staff

Mark Quandahl - Director
Kelly Lammers - Deputy Director, Financial Institutions
Claire McHenry - Deputy Director, Bureau of Securities
Patricia A. Humlicek Herstein - Agency General Counsel


Banks, Trust Companies and Credit Unions

Greg Freese - Review Examiner

  • Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska Banks

Shannon Van Houten- Review Examiner

  • Western Nebraska Banks

Darren Davis- Review Examiner

  • Omaha and Northeast Nebraska Banks, Capital Markets, Credit Unions

Darcy Bailar - Review Examiner

  • Information Systems, Banks and Trust Companies

Michael W. McDannel - Financial Institutions Counsel
Kathy Sparks - Administrative Assistant II

  • Requests for executive officer license applications, director applications, applications and licenses for credit unions, questions regarding pledged securities, and forms for Directors exam and supervisory committee approvals


Mortgage Loan Companies and Originators, Sales Finance Companies, Small Loan Companies, Delayed Deposit Services, and Money Transmitters

Scott Peter - Review Examiner

  • Mortgage, Installment, DDS and related non-depository institutions

Tag Herbek - Consumer Finance Counsel

  • Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Loan Originator

John E. Jensen - Senior Staff Attorney

  • Money Transmitters

Vacant – Staff Attorney

  • DDS, Installment Sales, Installment Loans

Bobbi Alexander  - Non-Depository Licensing Coordinator

  • Mortgage bankers and loan originator information

Susie Hansen - Staff Assistant

  • DDS and non-depository institutions

Ann Divis - Paralegal

  • Mortgage-Related complaints


Bureau of Securities

Claire McHenry - Deputy Director, Bureau of Securities
Thomas Sindelar- Investigations Supervisor

  • Investigations  

Rodney R.Griess- Registrations and Compliance Supervisor

  • Investment adviser and broker-dealer licensing, registration and compliance, and citizenship verification  

Mike Cameron - Securities Bureau Counsel

Jackie Walter - Securities Examiner Senior
Alfred Berchtold - Securities Examiner Senior
Stevan Vasic - Securities Examiner Senior

  • Investment advisor and broker-dealer examinations

Kristi Bish - Securities Analyst

  • Securities registrations, loan brokers, business opportunities, and investigations

Christine Cooney - Securities Analyst

  • Investment adviser representative and broker-dealer agent licensing, registration and compliance. 

Debbie Yost - Senior Securities Administrative Specialist

  • Securities exemptions, business opportunities, and franchises

Jeff Grieser- Registration Specialist

  • Investment adviser and broker-dealer licensing and citizenship verification

Lacey Krupicka - Securities Administrative Specialist

  • Securities registrations and notice filings 


Legal Division

Patricia A. Humlicek Herstein - Agency General Counsel
Michael W. McDannel - Financial Institutions Legal Counsel
Mike Cameron - Securities Bureau Counsel
Tag Herbek - Consumer Finance Counsel
John E. Jensen - Senior Staff Attorney
Cindy Faris – Paralegal
Ann Divis – Paralegal

Dallandyshe Shala - Administrative Assistant

  • Requests for Statements of Policy, Department Rules

Debbie Yost - Senior Securities Administrative Specialist

  • Violations Reports



Margo Sawyer - Business Manager
Susie Voecks - Personnel Officer
Julie Foral - Accounting & Receptionist
Grace Rittenburg - Accounting and Records Specialist


Information Systems

Mike Fabry - Agency Chief Information Technology Officer
Steve Covert - Senior Database Developer
Shailaja Chivkula – IT Reporting/Data Analyst



Field Examination Staff

Omaha Examiners

Jim McTygue - Supervising Examiner
Jose Salinas
Cassidy Stork
Max Cameron
Brittany Jackson
Jordan Taylor
Nolan Nordhues



Kearney Examiners

Mike Miller - Supervising Examiner
Perry Neill
Rhonda Johnson
Corey Lienemann
Jon Borden
Austin Malone


Lincoln Examiners

Mike Cornelius - Supervising Examiner
Brian Nielsen
Alex Thorson
Matt Van Pelt
Julia Kruger
Brody Focken
Ben Kiolbasa
Conna Wiese
Taylor Simmerman
Elijah Vosler


Examiner Specialist

Michelle Lindner- Accounting Specialist
Jaunita Koerner - BSA Examiner Specialist
Rachel Newell - IT Examiner Specialist
Ted Hall - Trust Examiner Specialist


Non-Depository Examiners

Jeff L. Peterson
Brian Simpson
Matt Whitmore
Kammeron Mills


Securities Examiners

Jackie Walter
Stevan Vasic
Alfred Berchtold