State-Chartered Credit Union Overview

State-Chartered Credit Unions

There are four types of financial institutions allowed to operate in Nebraska. Those are: commercial banks; credit unions; savings banks or savings & loans; and trust companies. Each of these industries operate under a dual system - a national system and a state system. Our agency, the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, regulates the state-chartered industries in Nebraska through its Financial Institutions division. This section of our web site is dedicated to credit unions. Please visit the commercial banks and trust sections for more information on those industries.

Nebraska state-chartered financial institutions may have branches within and outside the state. Accounts in all Nebraska state-chartered credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Our agency's Financial Institutions Division works closely with the NCUA and other regulators to promote sound banking practices by identifying, monitoring and addressing risks.

Our agency does not regulate national financial institutions in Nebraska. These institutions operate under a national or federal charter rather than a state charter. National credit unions are regulated by the NCUA and are often identified by the word “Federal" in the name.

Links to these various regulators are provided in the Links section.