Nebraska Money Transmitters Act

Chapter 8, Article 27

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8-2701 Act, how cited.
8-2702 Definitions, where found.
8-2703 Applicant, defined.
8-2704 Authorized delegate, defined.
8-2705 Breach of security of the system, defined.
8-2706 Control, defined.
8-2707 Controlling person, defined.
8-2708 Department, defined.
8-2709 Director, defined.
8-2710 Electronic instrument, defined.
8-2711 Executive officer, defined.
8-2712 Key shareholder, defined..
8-2713 Licensee, defined.
8-2714 Material litigation, defined.
8-2715 Monetary value, defined.
8-2716 Money transmission, defined.
8-2717 Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry, defined.
8-2718 Outstanding payment instrument, defined.
8-2719 Payment instrument, defined.
8-2720 Permissible investments, defined.
8-2721 Person, defined.
8-2722 Remit, defined.
8-2723 Stored value, defined.
8-2724 Licensure requirement; applicability.
8-2725 License required; license not transferable or assignable.
8-2726 License; applicant; qualifications; requirements.
8-2727 License applicant; surety bond; alternate security; duration.
8-2728 Licensee; investments required; waiver.
8-2729 License application; form; contents.
8-2730 Licensee; license and registration through Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry; department; powers; director; reports; duties; department; duties.
8-2731 Supervisory information sharing; information and material; how treated; applicability; director; powers.
8-2732 Application fee; processing fee.
8-2733 Application; director; duties; powers; onsite investigation; costs; denial of application; reasons; hearing.
8-2734 License; renewal application; licensing fee; processing fee; report; contents.
8-2735 Licensee; notice to director; when; report; contents.
8-2736 Acquisition of control of licensee; notice to director; director; duties; powers; disapproval; grounds; notice; hearing.
8-2737 Examination of licensee; notice; director; powers; charge
8-2738 Licensee; books, accounts, and records.
8-2739 Licensee; authorized delegate; contract; contents.
8-2740 Authorized delegate; duties.
8-2741 License; suspension or revocation; grounds; director; powers and duties; hearing; surrender; cancellation; expiration.
8-2742 Authorized delegate; suspension or revocation of designation; grounds; director; powers and duties; hearing; final order; application to modify or rescind.
8-2743 Cease and desist order; notice; hearing; vacation or modification of order; when; judicial review; enforcement.
8-2744 Violations; orders authorized.
8-2745 Violations; penalties.
8-2746 Rules and regulations.
8-2747 Fees, charges, costs, and fines; disposition.
8-2748 Repealed. Laws 2016, LB778, §9.